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I am so annoyed to be having to write this. So basically I see that Netflix uploads a new show called The Returned where a group of people come back from the dead at a small town. I'm down, I binge the whole season 1. I know I shouldn't do this and I will never do this again: I will not start a show that has only 1 season to stream and I will research to see if there's a second season coming.

Long story short: the Returned US was cancelled. So don't bother watching it unless you're a masochist and want to be left with a huge cliff hanger.

The show is good. Very good. I liked the actors (Jacob from Lost, aka Mark Pellegrino

and this guy who's on a bunch of stuff: Jeremy Sisto).
Do you remember him from somewhere? Photo

I liked all the actors.

I thought the show was creepy, gripping, interesting, different, etc. But then there's no season 2. And I don't really feel like watching Season 1 and 2 from the French version (which was the original also available on Netflix) because I liked the American actors and I am going to be comparing them constantly. So there you have it.

An excellent show with no season 2. Maybe Netflix will pick it up like they did with The Killing? Hopefully!

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