This is super late but I wanted to share with you some goodies I got at Ulta with Christmas and birthday gift cards I got.

Ok, so let me tell you a bit of a looong story. I've been wanting one or two of the Urban Decay Naked palettes for some time. My friend MaryAnne generously let me borrow the original one and I loved it, so I asked for gift cards to anyone that asked me what I wanted for Christmas. My friend Carlie gave me another gift card for my birthday, and we recently went out shopping together at Ulta to spend that money.

With the gitft card I got for Christmas, I went by myself one time and I was looking over the Naked palettes, as I was decided I wanted to buy one of them. But I came across the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette and I liked the smell, the packaging and the few pops of colors they had. I came home and used it a couple of times but I realized the shadows weren't as pigmented as what I had experimented from the original Naked palette. So I stopped using it and I started sleeping on it. With the purchase of the Too Faced palette I got the Better than Sex Mascara that retails for $12. It's sooo good, I love it.

I purchased a few things and I was excited but I really none of those impressed me. And I am normally not picky or anything but as I don't always spend money on makeup, I want to make sure I get my money's worth.

After thinking it over and over I went back to Ulta and returned the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon's palette and the other products and got myself the Naked 1 and Naked 3 palette along with a Nix color corrector concealer in peach. I got an Urban Decay long lasting setting spray as gift for purchase.

Let me tell you what I feel about the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette: I hear really good things about it in the YouTube world. People rave about it but what I found was that it had mostly neutrals with 2 pops of color, a pink and a hot pink one. The colors weren't as pigmented and I believe that the Naked 1 has the same selection of colors, except the pink and hot pink one. But mostly, I would wear the neutrals for every day, and if I need a pop of color I can use a cheaper eye shadow, I don't think $49 justifies those two colors if you're getting every other color found in any shadow palette, in my opinion. I have heard similar thoughts about the Sweet Peach one by Too Faced that came out shortly after, only 2 peachy colors and the rest all neutrals.

The Naked 1 palette is all I was hoping for, velvety shadows, long lasting. But the Naked 3... a little less to be desired. I am surprised about this because I was expecting amazing quality. There are a few colors like the first two pinks that don't give you a lot of payoff.

Now the make up bag I got from Ulta had 14 different items:

Lipstick, nude pink: I love this!
Eyebrow pencil: haven't tried it yet.
Dual eye liner brown/white: the brown needs a little warm up before you apply it, it's not super creamy but it does its job.
Dual bronzer/highlighter: perfect travel or purse size and good quality.
Matte liquid Lipstick: don't like it. Streaky and it's more like a lip gloss.
Lilac nail polish: haven't tried it yet but I do love the color.
Eye make up remover pads: 15 count and perfect for travelling.
Set of 3 make up brushes: perfect for travelling or having in your purse.
6 eye shadow palette: great colors and good color payoff, pigmented.
Black mascara: I haven't tried it but it looks good quality.
Make up primer: mini size and green color that doesn't transfer, silky texture. I used it once and liked it and it's perfect for travelling or keeping in your purse.

The last gift with purchase I got was the UD setting spray and that one is a good travelling size but I wanted to try it and so far is good. I was told the hydrating one would be better for my skin but to be honest with you, I am still trying to see the benefits of a setting spray and if it's worth my money. I have been using a rose water/glycerin mix spray that I got from Amazon after my mom used it as cleanser and it worked great for her, and I read it can be used as setting spray as well. I will also be doing a post on how to make your own setting spray. I think the Urban Decay one does it's job because I've used it on 8 hour days and my makeup was intact at the end of the day.

In the near future I will do a full review and some looks using the Naked palettes. I know I am super late to the party! But I do have 2 eye shadow palettes that may or may not be dupes for them and I'd love to show you a comparison.

Do you like shopping at Ulta? What's your favorite place to shop for beauty products?

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