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I've been watching this show because I found the premise to be very interesting. There were things that encouraged me to watch it: 1, the father is played by Detective Lestrade from the series Sherlock and the missing son is played by Jack, the son of Detective Linden from The Killing (see a pattern here?). The one thing that made me eeeh the show was the mother, she was actually a character in The Killing that annoyed me so that's probably why.

The show is about a family, father, mother, who's a politician, and 3 kids. The youngest gets kidnapped when he's 9, they blame the neighbor who confesses to killing him and the family has to move on with their lives. Only to find out, that 10 years later their kid is back. I thought this was very interesting. Of course some family members will have doubts whether he is or isn't the real son they lost.

I find this kind of hard to believe because if you look at my pictures, or any of our pictures when we were 9, we most likely look the same at 19. So the whole, "I don't know if it's my son", it's not very realistic, you'd know, unless your kid was kidnapped before he was 2, am I wrong? I mean, eyes, face, we don't change that much. At 9 I already had my giant teeth and at 19 I would still have them, no way someone could pass as me.

However, I do like the drama behind the show, there is, of course a Detective who's gonna try to catch the pervert that had the kid for 10 years (and we all know what happened there, although they don't give too much detail about it) and what makes it interesting but yet infuriating is that they show the kidnapper and how he lives his life all the time.

I think is an interesting show to watch if you have nothing else to watch. The actors are all very good in my opinion.

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