Baby Wesley is here! He was born July 18th and I will be telling you all about it. But first I wanted to share this gorgeous photos that we had taken by this amazing photographer. They exceeded all of oour expectations and I am so happy we had them done!

 In summary this pregnancy was somewhat harder than my first one. I felt a lot of the symptom I had the first time but all together and they didn't completely leave until the end. I was heavier during this pregnancy and out of shape so it wasn't the same on that aspect but I enjoyed feeling the baby every single time.

I bought this dress at Burlington Coat Factory for $16.99
 One of the few smiles we got from Will. For some reason and very unlike him, he wasn't into smiling this time.
 The first few pictures were taken by the Red Car Museum in Seal Beach and this one below was on our way to the pier by a wall on Main St.

 My mom arrived on the 11th and we had my baby shower on the 16th. The last week, adding his photo shoot and some changes we did  in our apartment were super busy!
 But we couldn't wait to meet our baby boy.

 Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts from God and I am so blessed I can experience it.

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