You'll hear me say that a lot of authors struggle when it comes to painting a female character with a distinct personality that is not only attractive because she's beautiful but because she has traits that make her appealing.

Like I said on Kiera Cass' characters for example, how a mute girl makes a guy fall in love only because she's pretty, for me that's not always enough.

But what I do love about Suzanne Young in the two female characters I've read from her, Sloane from The Program and Audrey from Hotel Ruby, is that she is able to show us a female lead that has fire.

Hotel Ruby is a great read in my opinion. It's gripping, mysterious, creepy, a page turner with no cheap twists. I really enjoyed and I don't want to give too much because I want you to enjoy it as well.

Audrey is still mourning the dead of her mom when her dad decides to drop her and her brother off with some relatives because he's having a hard time dealing. But they make an unexpected stop at Hotel Ruby and they seem to be so happy there that they don't want to leave, but the question is... even if they wanted to, are they able?

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