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So of all the books I posted on my Summer reading list, here's how I am doing:


This book has been highly hyped in every bookstagram account! I've heard of this author but all of the sudden she's the Shakespeare of young adult literature. Someone told me she's more of an indie writer but avid readers love her so I thought I'd give her a chance!

LOVED IT! This story grips you from the beginning and it deals with deep issues. I absolutely loved this book!

Made in the U.S.A.

I am currently reading this novel and I like it so far. It has a quick pace and the plot is gripping. I picked it up at a stand my library made of "destination" books along with two other ones that I haven't started yet.

It was good. It was raw, it dealt with some difficult matters but ultimately found its way to redemption, although I don't think it's one of those memorable books. 

The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise

This is totally a cover read, and I already have it waiting for me at the library. I saw it on an Intagram account and I wrote down all the titles she had on that particular photo. Even though it has 3.29 stars and I try to read 3.80 and above, I must say I've read books with higher scores that I didn't like at all so maybe this book is good and it's interesting that it's written by a guy, so we'll see.

Didn't finish it... didn't catch my fancy :/

The Wrong Side of Right

Another cover read, I don't care :P

On my hands right now. TBD.

The Unexpected Everything

I don't know about this one. I couldn't finish the first book I read  by this author because the pace was extremely slow, the main character was annoying, there seem to be some cheating about to happen and the dialogues were interrupted by a bunch of description. A fellow reader told me to give this book a chance but he did warn me that Matson's style was the same so I am not sure I'll want to read it.

Didn't finish it and couldn't renew it at the library. Will try to give it another chance soon. 

Chasing Spring



Another story by the previous author. This was a romantic story, the hate to love kind of story. It was entertaining! 

November 9 


I highly, highly recommend this one! A bit insta-love (or that seems to be the case) but completely unexpected, so well-written and gripping from page 1!

What books are you planning on reading this Summer? Any suggestions for me? What do you think about these books, have you read any of them?

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