Hello everyone! I know I have been MIA and I really apologize! Life has been extremely hectic with two littles and a lot has been going on in ouor lives. I basically do everything out of my phone and sitting down to write has been a luxury I don't often have.

But I don't want to abandon my readers because I know you're there. Hi! Lately I have been venturing in the You Tube world and I have to say I am loving it. It took me quite some time so jump in because I was doubting myself, and now I can't stop thinking about making videos! So, I leave you with my very first video. I will be posting more in the next few days. I am sorry, really, I don't mean to flake on you. If you'd like to see daily posts from me, please follow me on Instagram!

Some time ago I got selected to be a part of Scrappin' Love's Creative Team and the video above is an unbboxing of the first kit that I got as part of my PR package. It's been super fun so far to be able to create and do projects with this stationary kit. Tell me what you think!

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