Plan With Me feat. Little Miss Helper Sticker Squad Subscription

Hope you enjoy this plan with me video! For this week I used the Sticker Squad Subscriptio by Little Miss Helper 

I did PR for Arlene, the owner of Little Miss Helper for about 6 months, maybe more and I had such a blast. She's an amazing girl boss and it's a pleasure to work for her. She's sweet, dedicated and her customer service is amazing. Now she's doing 2 different sub types: 1 is the Sticker Squad sub where she includes a ton of stickers (I did unboxings of all the subs I got from her, I'll try to link the video below). The sub comes out to about $15 per month, but you get $50 or more worth of stickers. Another type she does is a charm and sticker kit, that comes with a planner charm and paper clip done by another shop (I forget the name now, I am sorry) but they are STUNNING! and an exclusive kit done by Arlene. Both subs are super affordable and beautiful, so if you haven't yet, check out her shop!

Here's the unboxing video for this particular kit I used. I think, regretfully, that I might have deleted the latest one by mistake! I realized today that I deleted 3-4 videos from my phone I hadn't uploaded yet! That's what happens to me when I get too excited too fast!

Until next time!

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