You know I really really liked the first season of Shades of Blue.
It was surprising to me because I expected it to be a show about good cops, but instead is about dirty cops.

Spoilers below!

The second season ends with Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) snapping her ex husband's head and finally getting rid of that problem. But she still has the FBI agents on her back, Stahl, who we has developed some sort of obsession with her. I was dissapointed in a way because I was hoping they'd get together, but as the second season advances we see how Stahl has serious mental issues. Now, he is right on one thing, Harlee and her squad are dirty cops.

Now there's a new target, the Mayor, Julia (Skyler on Breaking Bad) who is trading with a mob boss the FBI is trying to catch, and this causes tension because Harlee and her boss, Woz are very close friends with Julia.

The whole second season revolves around finding this mob boss, Stahl trying to harass Harlee about her ex's dissapearence and the effect on Harlee's daughter, his obsession with Woz and Harlee and them two trying to stay afloat with everything.

In the last episode Stahl kidnaps Harlee and dresses her up in lingerie and she gets seriously injured trying to escape. Woz is shot by a little kid outside of the prescint. So we're are left not knowing what's gonna happen today. I hope that it doesn't happen like on Crossing Lines, where after the second season ends we're left with one of the main characters bleeding to death only to find on the third season a whole new cast and nothing alike before.

I really enjoyed the second season and I liked the development, so I am really looking forward to the third!

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