Maybe because I am soon to be 34 years old (yikes!) or the fact that I am discovering what I think are wrinkles or lines in my face that this summer I took my skin care to a whole new level.

As we know, sun exposure hurts our skin and it's the first cause of aging and wrinkles, but this post is not only about skin care, I'll also talk about beauty and general clothing and accessories I have been using every day. 

For clothing, let me tell you, summer is one of the laziest months for me as far as what I wear and my makeup and hair. It's been so hot where I live that I can't have my hair down for long! Here's a few of my day to day essentials: comfy flowy tanks, thin demin shorts and jeans, sunglasses, flip flops and a pair of sandals for when I need to dress up a bit. 

Makeup and hair

This is not everything I use but a few things. Here's a link to my skin care routine blog post. Sunscreen, my Olay regenerist moisturizer for my nighttime routine, Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation and also the Arbonne liquid foundation have both passed the test for sweaty days! They're super sweat proof. You might need blotching sheets to dry up but the makeup will stay in place. Another thing I incorporated into my makeup bag was waterproof mascara and water proof eyeliner. I received the Maybeline Box from Influenster  and I got a mascara and eyeliner and I am obsessed with them! 


One thing not to forget during these hot months is deodorant!!! I use Dove spray.

and this summer I've been wearing the Versace Yellow Diamond perfume that I got a few Christmas back and that is very fresh and light. I carry it on my purse along with my deodorant, hair ties and the Maybeline Clay Crush lippie. 

What are your summer essentials?

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